How To Wire A Cooker Socket Diagram?

Electric cookers are a popular choice for many people. A cooker is an item that is used in almost every kitchen. Better installation and fitting is necessary to get the best user experience. You are reading this article because you want to know how to wire a cooker socket diagram.

If you are in this situation, you might have moved to a new home or replaced your old cooker with a new electric cooker.

Installation of a cooker can be done in easy steps, but it is better to call an electrician to prevent hazards. You must be careful while dealing with electric equipment and wires. Make sure that the wiring is safe and all necessary elements are in place. I will explain the whole procedure in simple steps which you can follow to wire a cooker. Also, I will show you a circuit diagram that will help you understand the circuit. So let’s get started.

How to Wire a Cooker Socket Diagram?

Here I will show you a step by step guide which you can follow to wire a cooker. Also, there are some prerequisites that you must take care of.

Before you start:

  • Check the power input – if the power is enough to operate a cooker or not
  • Buy all the necessary tools – like switches and fuse.
  • Make position for the cooker – if it can fit in the place.
  • Buy some cables and wires – and choose good quality sizable cables.

Wire a cooker:

  • Cut off the main power supply
  • Make sure you have all the required tools
  • Cut the wire as needed and peel the insulation
  • Untighten the screws of the Double pole isolating switch
  • Put in the cables into the switch in the right direction
  • Tighten the screws of the switch and other holding screws
  • Put back all the isolations and covering
  • Turn on the main power supply
  • Check the electric cooker if it is working properly

These are the steps you should follow, and these are explained further if you need some more details on any of the given steps. Have a detailed look.

1.     Cut off the main power supply:

As you are dealing with electricity so you must be very careful about yourself. Cut off the main power supply so you can work quickly and safely. There are locks available in the market that you can use on the mainboard so that no one can turn on the power without your consent. I advise you to use those. It is an important measure, and you should not ignore this.

2.      Check for the tools:

Make a check for your tools and equipment that you need to perform this task. Start once you have all the tools. It will be challenging to look for an instrument during the wiring process.

3.      Put in the cables into switch:

You have already peeled the wires and about to put them into the switch. There are three wires, a live wire, a neutral wire, and an earth wire. They are in different colors. Make sure to identify them and connect in their desired location. The correct wire is essential as it may result in fatal destruction.

4.      Put back the coverings:

Tighten the screws for the wires and the outer coverings that cover the wires. Make sure that they are tight so it may not loose.

5.      Turn on the power and check:

Once you have completed all the work with wires. Now turn on the power supply by removing the lock that you put earlier. And then check the connection that you made if it is working correctly. Here you have done with your question of how to wire a cooker diagram.

Safety Measures:

  • Lock the main power supply with a padlock so that no one can turn on the power without that key. This will be much safer than just putting the switch down.
  • Choose a thick and suitable cable for the wiring. Keep it n mind that it can pass through the switch and cooker. Also, use a heat resistant line because you are using it with a heating device.
  • Connect the three types of wires in their appropriate position like wires with the same colour should go into a single slot.
  • Tighten the screws and double-check that the wire cannot move from its place.
  • Keep the earth wire a bit longer than others. It will help in a way that if the wire is pulled, the earth wire will be the last to pluck off.
  • Also, use a voltmeter to check for the current before you start working. You have already turned off the power, but it is always a best practice to check the wires.
  • Electrical jobs require patience, so you have to work with ease.

Final words:

It is always a best practice to call a professional electrician for any electrical work. If you want to do it yourself, then you can follow the above-given steps. Steps are easy to follow, and they can answer your question about how to wire a cooker socket diagram.

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