How To Disconnect A Gas Cooker? Safe And Easy Way in 2022

Gas cookers have been used in houses for years and now they are replaced with electric cookers. The question today is how to disconnect a gas cooker. The situation here is maybe you are moving to a new place or replacing the old cooker with a new one. There are a few simple steps that you will follow to remove the gas connection from the cooker.

I will answer this question keeping in mind all the necessary measures that you must follow. It is always the best measure to hire a professional for such works. But it can be done by yourself. This is a risky task that is performed with extra care. In this article, I will show you a step by step guide which you can follow to get it done.

How to Disconnect A Gas Cooker?

I will show you a step by step guide to disconnect a gas cooker. You can follow these easy steps by yourself and save yourself some money. Have a look.

  • Cut off the main gas connection
  • Carefully move the gas cooker aside
  • Unlock all the locks if any
  • Examine the type of pipe used in the connection
  • Remove the pipe carefully
  • Cover the gas connection with a covering
  • Turn on the gas supply

This is a summarized step by step guide. These instructions are further explained separately. You can have a detailed look at each section and step for better understanding. Read carefully to get answers to all your questions.

1.    Cut off the Main Gas Supply:

Dealing with gas connection is a risky job and it needs full attention and care while performing the task. It is the best measure to get a professional worker for this but if it’s easy to manage then you can do it yourself.

Cut off the gas supply for the cooker. If there is no separate link to a cooker then you can directly turn off the main supply. Double-check the connection that it is turned off or it can cause fatal results.

2.    Move the Cooker:

Since you are here to get an answer on how to disconnect a gas cooker. So you must have a  gas cooker already installed at your place. Move the cooker very carefully as it contains many fragile parts that can be get damaged or the cooker can damage your floor.

Unlock all the locks and hooks before moving it to prevent any breakage. You can use a wooden ply to get help in moving.

3.    Examine the Type of Pipe:

There are different types of connections and pipes available. If you do not know about the pipe used. Then you must have a close look and examine the type used. This will help you to get some information about the connection. It can be of a bulb-like connection. Or a screw used to tighten the pipe. Examine and start working accordingly.

4.    Disconnect the Pipe:

Once you have examined the type of connection. Now you have to unscrew the pipe of push and pull. It depends upon the type that you use. Keep it fragile so that the pipe does not get damaged.

5.    Cover the Inlet:

Now you will cover the gas inlet to prevent any leakages until you install a new cooker. Get the right size covering for the connection and fit it into the place. Check for any leakages before winding up. You can smell the connection. And use special tape which prevents leakages. Now you can turn on the gas supply for the rest of the house.

Final Words:

In the above section, you learned about how to disconnect a gas cooker. This method is safe and easy to follow. As I said earlier, you must get a professional. But you can save some money by doing it yourself. Now you have a guide to follow. Just get up and go for it.

You must follow the safety measures that are mentioned in this article. Having an eye on safety will keep you and your house safe from any hazards. And keep a covering with you in advance to block the gas supply which you just disconnected.

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