Dry run up of the smoker:

When you buy a new product it is always good to give it a dry run so that its system would pump up to work perfectly. So, here is our first step to run our smoker empty for some time. It depends on you for how long you run up the smoker but it is good to give a run of 5-7 hours to the smoker. It would be good if you would give this run up before a day of cooking meals inside.

Turning on and preheating the smoker:

Now the first step of cooking is you need to turn on the masterbuilt smoker by just pressing on its “ON/OFF” button. Now allow it to preheat for some time 

Adjustment of temperature:

You need to adjust the temperature of the smoker to almost 10 degrees above the desired temperature so the food would get properly cooked. The best temperature to cook meat and fish is usually 225 Fahrenheit. Take a stopwatch to note the time.

Preparing your meat:

Now it’s time to prepare your meat. It’s good to marinate your meat/fish for a few hours before cooking to have a good taste.

Adding wood chips to a smoker:

The most interesting feature of a masterbuilt smoker is to operate the wood chips tray that is probably located at the bottom-left side of the smoker. We have to rotate and slide out the tray then add wood chips to it. Avoid overfilling it. You can refill it after every 4 hours as a single loading lasts for 4 hours or you can also add a single piece of wood chips after every half hour. After loading the tray slide back the tray into the smoker.

Adding water to the tray:

Now, add water to the tray that is placed inside the smoker.

Loading the meat:

After preheating for an hour, now it’s time to load your meat. Open the door of the smoker and let some smoke dissipate so it would be easy for you to load your meat. An important thing to remember while loading meat is to put your thicker slices of meat on the upper shelf and the thinner on the bottom shelf. The reason behind this is that smoke is more on the upper side and less on the bottom side. So, when cooking fish, put your fish on the bottom rank. Now load your meat and close the door.

Maintaining the smoke:

While cooking your meat keep a check and balance on the smoke.

Cleaning up the smoker:

After your meal is ready, switch off the smoker and let it cool. It is good to clean it so it would not be messy when you cook next time. Now, take a slightly wet cloth or wipe to clean the smoker. Clean its surface, walls and rods and the door too.

Unique features of masterbuilt electric smoker:

Some of its unique features are that it has a thermostat to control the temperature. It also has the feature of Bluetooth, digital and analog.