How To Steam Tamales In A Crock-Pot? The Best Way

How to steam tamales in a crock-pot? The question is a bit tricky as there are two different approaches to heating. Also, it depends on the condition of tamales, either they are frozen or fresh. The process is pretty simple as you have to defrost the frozen ones properly, prepare your cooker for steaming and vertically place the tamales.

Then you have to wait for some time. Meanwhile, you can complete your other chores. After some time, check out the tamales. You’ll absolutely love their flavor. Just try out the process as it is guaranteed to rock.

Reason For Using A Crock-Pot For Steaming

A crock-pot is usually meant to slow food to enhance your cooking experience and add flavor to the food. Nowadays, you can also use them for steaming and reheating purposes due to modern features. Hence, the following are some reasons that why should you use a crock-pot for heating purposes.

1. It does not disturb the quality of your food. That means the outer layer of tamales will remain as it was before. And, the crock-pot won’t stiff it any case.

2. The process of steaming is easy and convenient. You won’t need to think again and again that they’re adequately heated or not. Also, you just need to place them in and bring them out after the steaming process.

3. A crock-pot will retain the flavor of your tamales while steaming. The reason is that there is no direct contact of outside air and the meal present in crock-pot. So, all the enriched taste will be restored.

About your query how to steam tamales in a crock-pot, there are generally two approaches as mentioned below. Here is a detailed discussion of them:

How To Steam Fresh Tamales In A Crock-Pot?

You can steam or reheat the fresh tamales quickly with the help of a crock-pot. They’re great for adding more flavors to your meals. Here is a step by step guide of steaming fresh tamales in a crock-pot.

Main Steps:

1. In the beginning, add some water to your crock-pot.

2. Then place a basket over the water of your cooker.

3. Make sure the level of water should not touch the basket.

4. Place your tamales over the basket and adjust them appropriately.

5. Close the lid of the pot and leave it for some time on high heat settings.

If you don’t have any basket for your crock-pot, just try to make a ball of aluminum foil and place it in the centre of the pot. Then, add the tamales around the pool in a vertical way. Also, make sure that do not include each other while the cooking process.

Moreover, take care that no water and moisture should make its way to crock-pot. You can do that by placing a piece of cloth between the cooker and the lid. After some time of heating, you can bring them out as they’ll be ready for serving.

How To Steam Frozen Tamales In A Crock-Pot?

While steaming the frozen tamales in a crock-pot, the process will almost remain the same. There will be just an additional step to thaw or defrost your tamales before placing them in the crock-pot. Here is a step by step guide of the process.

Main Steps:

1. Properly defrost your tamale after getting them from your refrigerator.

2. After thawing, try to place a husk around tamales or use a foil for this purpose.

3. After covering them with foil, put them in the cooker by the method described above.

4. You can also make a ball of aluminum foil if the basket is not available.

5. Turn on the heating element and wait for some time to complete steaming.

A crock-pot is no doubt a true friend for several cooking purposes. Steaming tamales with it is also a child’s play in this regard. But be sure that you’ve placed them properly to prevent any hassle in the future. Also, read the below-mentioned tips to eliminate the risk of any mistake.

How To Steam Tamales In A Crock-Pot? Some Quick Tips

You might have got the correct way of how to steam tamales in a crock-pot. But here are some guidelines and tips that you need to follow to make this process hassle-free.

1. Don’t Directly Put The Frozen Tamales In The Pot:

Thaw or defrost the tamales properly to avoid any mishap. And this advice is not only for tamales. You need to keep it in mind for any dish that always defrosts your food properly before placing in a cooker or crock-pot.

2. Close The Lid Properly:

You need to check that the lid or the cover is closed correctly. In the case of a crock-pot, any mess in this regard leads to an increase in cooking time. So, be prepared for it.

3. Don’t Let Any Moisture To Enter:

A fully functional crock-pot won’t let this happen. For additional safety and preventing the entrance of moisture, try to place a piece of cloth beneath the lid. It will solve all your water-related issues.

4. Place A Foil Or Wrapper Around The Tamales:

Don’t put the tamales directly into the crock-pot. Make sure to add some cover or foil around them.  Also, try to place them vertically in the crock-pot so that they shouldn’t touch each other.

Just follow these steps and enjoy super-delicious and juicy tamales with your loved ones.

Summing Up:

Hence, we hope that your query of how to steam tamales in a crock-pot has resolved. Just follow out the whole process, and you’re on your way to enjoy delicious tamales. Also, take care of essential factors like moisture uptake, lid closing and placing a foil or paper around the tamales before placing in cooker.

The process is pretty simple. We hope that it becomes easy to follow for you. Make sure to follow all the steps in the correct sequence. Hence, get ready for churning out the tamales without any hassle.

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