How to Light a Gas Grill? Detailed Guide

Have you experienced grilling on gas grills? Isn’t gets heat up so quickly? In contrast to a charcoal grill, which typically takes 30 minutes to heat up, a gas grill typically reaches its maximum temperature in 5-10 minutes.

Gas grills are simple to operate, yet novice grillers may be unsure how to light a gas grill. In many gas grills, an ignition button is included. Models that are basic or older will need to be lit manually. What about your gas grill? Do you prefer to use the grill manually or automatically? Whatever it is, there is no need to get worried because here you get complete information on how to light a gas grill in 2 ways. Ready to slide in? 

How to Light a Gas Grill – 2 Ways

Here are the two ways that must be helpful for you

1. With Automatic Starter

  • Step#1: The lid of your grill needs to be opened. Igniting in a close lid will store the gas under the lid, which might be dangerous.
  • Step#2: Connect the grill to the natural gas line or supply line. Most grills are powered by propane tanks. Grills typically have propane tanks underneath, behind, or on the side of them. So, connect with a propane tank safely. 
  • Step#3: Some grills can have an additional valve that must be opened to receive gas. So, open the valve.
  • Step#4: Have you seen the burner knobs? In the last step, turn on the gas, yeah! You just need to rotate the knobs after opening the valve. The automatic thing is, you don’t need a lighter to ignite, you will rotate the burner knob, and it will ignite automatically after the spark.

2. Manually Igniting a Gas Grill

  • Step #1: Open the lid of your grill and hook up the gas. If it is not open and you connect the gas valve, it might be dangerous. 
  • Step#2: Connect the gas valve with the grill and open it so that gas will flow. Your gas supply connection should have a shutoff valve near it. For gas to flow to your grill, open this fully.
  • Step#3: Now ignite the gas burner, rotate the knobs, not fully buy half to get the medium to follow once. 
  • Step#4: Light up a match or use a lighter to manually igniting the gas burners after listening to the hissing sound. The other burners can be lit by turning on the regulator knobs after the first burner has lit. There are grills with no lighting holes or grills with poorly designed igniting holes. Then, with a long stick match, light the grill as far away from it as possible.

What If The Case of ‘Grill Isn’t Working?

Following are some suggestions in case your gas grill is not working.

Consider Checking the Gas Supply Line:

If this is the case, then you need to set the valve position, check whether it is hooked up or not, is loose or leaks or not. If your supply line’s rubber feels brittle, replace it. Gas leaks can be detected when a hissing or hissing sound is heard, especially from some connectors or valves.

Check Whether your Propane Tank is Full or Empty:

You can replace the propane tank if it is empty. If it is a full grill, the ga shrill is not working, then check the connection or a valve. If the starter is automatic, you need to check it manually. 

Replacement of Burners: 

The burner is lit! Great. What if it’s not? The issue maybe with the burners under the cooking grates if your gas supply and igniter seem to be working. Replace your burner only after the regulator has been reset. The grill’s manual should have instructions on how to do this, but it may not be possible for all grills. Usually, you can buy new burners from a hardware store.

Check the Electrical Connection:

The electrical lines and batteries in newer grills provide power for other grill functions. The electrical cables should be re-fastened if the connection is loose. A small battery, in some cases, can power igniters.  If the batteries are worn over time, I prefer replacing them. 

Safe Tips To Use A Gas Grill:

Here are some safety measures that you should keep in mind while using a gas grill.

  • If you keep your grill outside, it is safer. This is because using a propane tank in a closed place can be dangerous sometimes. Plus, in the open air, in your backyard, you will enjoy it more.
  • Place your grill on a flat surface so that it will be stable. Otherwise, it may fall due to the pressure if it is not on the flat surface.
  • To avoid flare-ups, clean the grilling grates and your gas grill after using it. The food grease may catch fire next time.
  • Do not open the burner and gas supply valve before if the lid closed situation.
  • The propane tank or gas pipe should not leak and should be properly connected. Otherwise, it will be dangerous for you. 
  • While igniting the flame, do not put your burner at the highest setting. Make sure you open the burner half and keep the flame low.
  • Gas grills need to be shut off, and the gas valves turned off for the flame to return. After waiting at least five minutes, you can restart it.
  • Always keep an eye on the grill while it is lit. Playing around the grill should be avoided by children and pets. 
  • When using lit or hot grill, take care not to move it, and remember it will stay hot for at least an hour after use.
  • Wear clothes that aren’t dangling over the grill to prevent your clothing from catching fire.
  • You should have a fire extinguisher in case of any mishap.
  • Wear gloves while using a grill so that you will avoid your hands from burning.

Wrap It Up!

Concluding up by saying, after reading this article, even for beginners, the ‘how to light a gas grill’ query would be solved. Here is everything that you need. So, no worries, and buy a gas grill now to enjoy mouthwatering BBQs, seared meat, steaks, and grilled fish.

You can also share your thoughts and your experiences with us in the comment section below.

How do you light a gas grill with a lighter?

A matchstick is all you need to light up a gas grill, even without a lighter. It is not necessary to use a lighter nor a matchstick for automatic spark ignition burners.

How do you start a gas grill?

You can easily start a gas grill by opening up a lid, connecting a grill to the gas pipeline or a propane tank. Then rotate the burner and ignite with a lighter or a match stick if it is not automatic.

How do you use a gas grill for beginners?

The best gas grills are automatic for beginners because you don’t need a match stick or a lighter to lit them up. Only you have to connect to the gas supply and rotate the burner.

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