How To Keep A Charcoal Grill Lit? 5 Easy Steps You Can Try

It’s a little hard to keep the charcoal burning. If you use a grill, what do you do when you’re not there to light the coals?

It can be a hassle to have to carry around a lighter just to light the coals. A more convenient option would be to have a light that automatically lights when the grill is turned on. This way, you don’t have to worry about having to light the coals while away from the grill.

The problem is, these automatic grills cost a lot of money, and the ones that are on the market today are not easy to set up. You have to drill holes into the grill and thread wires through the holes.

The grill has to be connected to a wall socket or power outlet, so you have to make sure that it’s connected to an outlet where there’s the power to spare.

While this setup works for a gas grill, it doesn’t work for a charcoal grill because there’s no gas to light the coals. It’s not a very practical option for charcoal grills either because they don’t use gas.

Steps To Keep A Charcoal Grill Lit:

To get around this problem, I’ve developed a method for using my existing charcoal grill without having to light it every time I leave the house. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who needs to use a charcoal grill and doesn’t have access to a gas grill.

Here’s how it works:

I’m going to go through the steps that I take to light my charcoal grill on the days that I’m away from home.

STEP 1: Remove The Grill From The Firebox

This is the first step in getting your grill lit. The easiest way to do this is to take it out of the firebox. The firebox is where you store the charcoal. It also has a door that you can open to release the coals. When you’re done, make sure that you close it properly so that no coals leak out of the firebox.

STEP 2: Connect the Charcoal Grill to an Electrical Outlet

After you remove the grill from the firebox, you need to make sure that it’s connected to an electrical outlet. You can connect the grill to any outlet, but it has to be an outlet where you can safely leave it unattended.

It’s easy to connect a grill to an outlet when you have a power cord, but if you don’t have a power cord, you’ll have to go without. Fortunately, this is something that can be fixed with a little ingenuity. All you need is a transformer and some wire.

You can find a transformer at any electronics store. It’s a box that has two wires coming out of it. You use one wire to connect to your outlet and the other wire to the grill.

The best way to make sure that the transformer doesn’t burn up is to wrap the wire in insulation. You can buy an extension cord from any hardware store and cut it in half to get the right size wire.

STEP 3: Place the Grill on a Metal Basket

Once you have the transformer connected to the grill, you need to make sure that the grill is sitting on a metal basket. A metal basket will keep the grill steady and avoid the need to prop it up. The metal basket can be anything from a cookie sheet to a pizza pan.

STEP 4: Light the Charcoal Grill

After you’ve set up everything, you’re ready to light the grill. All you need to do is turn on the grill and light the coals. This will cause the charcoal to start burning.

You can use either charcoal or briquettes for this step. The briquettes are lighter than charcoal, but they also burn faster. If you don’t want to use briquettes, you can just use regular charcoal.

STEP 5: Close the Firebox Door

Once you light the coals, you need to close the firebox door so that no more coals leak out. You’ll need to wait a few minutes for the coals to burn down and to get the firebox cool enough to handle safely.

I leave my grill lit for about 20-30 minutes before I go to bed. It’s a simple process, and it’s much easier than having to go through the hassle of lighting the grill every time I leave the house.

Final Verdict! 

Charcoal grills are great for cooking meats, but they can also be used as an alternative to gas grills. I’ve been using mine for years and it’s still going strong. The best part is, it doesn’t require any extra fuel to use and it can be lit using a match or lighter. If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, here are some tips for keeping it lit:

– Keep the grill lid closed and make sure the vents are open

– Check the grill every 10 minutes to see if it’s getting hot enough

– When you’re ready to use the grill, light the coals using a match or lighter

– If it doesn’t get hot enough, wait a few minutes and try again

This method is perfect for those who can’t find a gas grill or who are just starting out with charcoal grills. Using this method, you can save money on gas and still be able to use a charcoal grill. Do you have any questions about this charcoal grill technique? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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