How To Cook Barley In A Rice Cooker? 4 Easy Steps

Rice cookers have become a must-have household item for homes all over. For a consistently positive result, rice cookers are the perfect item to use instead of a pan. From fluffy white long grain rice to barley, these gadgets are a sure way of achieving the best results.

Barley is also a nutritious food and how to cook barley in a rice cooker is a pretty simple process. You need to follow all the steps, and you’re done.

A rice cooker is ideal for people who love to cook brown rice regularly because of the many health benefits. Fortunately, most reliable brands and models of rice cookers can cook different varieties, mainly barley and brown rice.

How To Cook Barley In A Rice Cooker? Step By Step Process

Here is a step by step guide of your search query How to cook barley in a rice cooker. Follow the steps correctly for best results.

Step:1 – Gather All The Ingredients:

First of all, you need to gather all the ingredients to proceed towards your query of how to cook barley in a rice cooker. It would be best to have a rice cooker, some barley, your favorite seasoning, water, and some salt. Collect them all for convenience in the cooking process.

Step:2 – Add Ingredients In The Rice Cooker:

Then add barley in the water and add some salt as well. Combine them appropriately and place them in a rice cooker. Simmer it for some time and start the heating process for getting perfect chewiness.

Step:3 – Check Either The Barley Is Pearled Or Brown:

You need to check which type of barley you are using because the soaking and water requirement of both are different. Brown barley requires to soak them for a long time while pearled barley needs water at the time of preparation.

Step:4 – Start The Cooking Process:

Add the desired amount of water depending on the type and check if your desired level of chewiness is reached or not. Continue studying and turn off the cooker once your desired capacity has reached.

Tips On Cooking Barley In A Rice Cooker:

Barley is beneficial to consumers because it is a nutritious whole grain capable of supplying their body with sufficient amounts of selenium, protein and fiber. It’s healthier than the various rice varieties because all its good stuff and nutrients are not removed from lengthy processing.

It is also rich in fiber, nutrients and good carbohydrates that can help manage your weight, promote healthy digestion, and balance your diet. Here are some tips on your query on how to cook barley in a rice cooker that can help in ensuring that your rice cooker cooks barley as healthily and correctly as possible:

1. Properly Use the Cooker:

If you are one of those who find cooking barley in a stovetop or by using other methods troublesome, then using a rice cooker is beneficial. This kitchen appliance comes with an inner pan which rests on top of a heating element. Make sure to use the different features installed in the machine to produce perfectly cooked barley.

These include the non-stick inner pan, glass lid, which is ideal in monitoring the cooking process, and hole inside the top to ensure that the steam properly escapes. All these features help make the process of cooking barley as trouble-free as possible.

2. Monitor the Time:

Cooking time dramatically varies from one rice type to another. This is why regularly watching the clock is crucial when using your rice cooker for cooking barley. Cooking barley in a rice cooker usually consumes forty to fifty minutes of your time. Monitoring the progress of your cooking can help in preventing mushy or burnt rice.

3. Read Directions:

This is the most important tip when planning to use a rice cooker. Make sure to check the directions related to using the appliance by reading its manual, before starting to use it. This is an excellent way to determine the right ratio of barley and liquid added to the cooker.

 It is also advisable to check the directions regarding the length of time when the rice can be safely left into the appliance using the keep warm setting. Note that rice cooker manufacturers recommend removing the cooked brown rice shortly after the completion of the cooking procedure. Following directions guarantee well-cooked barley.


Rice cookers work in preserving the flavor of the foods cooked or steamed inside them. This means that cooking rice, barley or steaming foods and vegetables, using your rice cooker ensure results that can satisfy your taste buds.

The material also helps preserve the nutritional value of foods cooked inside it, thereby ensuring that your body receives all the nutrients it can get. It is also incapable of absorbing unusual flavors and odors.

This ensures that your cooked food does not harbor any flavor or odor that might cause your experience of eating it unpleasant. It also guarantees the safety of users by not reacting to sauces and acidic foods. We hope that your query of how to cook barley in a rice cooker is cleared. Enjoy your meal!

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