Best Gas Grills Under 1000 – Review & Buying Guide in 2022

One of the best things about summer is the chance to enjoy grilled food. There’s something about the taste of grilled food that simply can’t be beaten. A gas grill is a fantastic way to cook up a delicious meal for your family and friends. These grills come with all the features you need to make perfect grilled food every time, including plenty of space for cooking, multiple burners, and even side shelves for prep or serving.

  • WEBER 61016001 Genesis II E-335

    • Decent size cooking area
  • Char-Broil Performance 650

    • Convenient cabinet-style design for easy storage
  • Royal Gourmet MG6001-R-C

    • Comes with grill cover

What are the Benefits of using a Gas grill?

There are many benefits to using a gas grill:

  • Gas grills tend to heat up much more quickly than charcoal grills, so you can start cooking sooner.
  • They provide more even heat distribution than charcoal grills, which means your food will cook more evenly.
  • Gas grills are also easier to clean than charcoal grills, and they don’t produce as much smoke or ash.

Finally, the gas grills are more portable and compact than charcoal grills, making them ideal for camping and tailgating.

There are 10 Best Gas Grills Under 1000 Dollars:

There are a lot of great gas grills on the market, but finding the best one for you can be tough. So, we have put a list of the 10 best gas grills based on our personal experience. So let’s start:

WEBER 61016001 Genesis II E-335

Best Propane Grills Under $1000

  • Adding side and searing rear burners

Another upgraded model with a signature performance by Weber is here. It’s identical to the other models by Weber we have discussed below. Let us discuss its notable features different from its comparable model.

You can grill your food with ease by using its large cooking station area of 513 sq. inches with a warming rack of 156 sq inches. So the total cooking space area is almost 669 sq. inches. It offers three stainless steel burners that pump out 39000 BTUs of cooking heat.

The griller also offers a sear burner (delivers 9000 BTUs per hour) and a side burner (produces 12000 BTUs per hour). The cooking grates are made of porcelain-coated material. It is configured with additional side tables and hooks. Weber also offers lockable swivel casters, which helps in easy transportation.

Final Views:

It is one of the Best propane grills under 1000 Dollars. It’s the most dependable and quality performer on our list. Now you can enjoy yourself with your dear ones without panicking. Weber has fixed its spot in the grilling industry because of its remarkable features.

Its parts can easily be fitted and the fact that the controls are all well built. You will also love the side attached propane tank with a fuel gauge to let you know if you are almost out of fuel, and it looks pretty super.


  • Well built with stylistic use of materials
  • Decent size of the main cooking area
  • Adding side and searing rear burners
  • Easy to assemble and clean


  • The cooking station might lack this griller

Char-Broil Performance 650

Best Stainless Steel Gas Grill Under 1000

  • Convenient cabinet-style design for easy storage

Char-Broil presents its Best gas grills under $1000. Don’t you think it seems more powerful and has a large grill? You can get a lot of features and space at a reasonable price range. Let’s dive into the top innovative features you should know.

This great grill offers 650 sq. inches of primary cooking space area where you can serve 30 plus people easily at one go with a warming rack of 280 sq. inches. It provides six stainless steel burners that pump out 60000 BTUs of heat power.

A side burner is located on the left side with a lid where you can prepare sauces of your taste. Cooking grates are porcelain-enameled that distributes evenly heat all over the surface. Char-Broil Performance 650 also offers robust matchless ignition, a comfortable and maintainable grease tray.

Final Views:

The construction of the griller is substantial and covers a vast space with amenities. It is probably the best stainless steel grills under 1000. This is awesome for grilling chicken, steaks, veggies, and hot dogs.

All the burners can tightly control the temperature, and there are many burner options for indirect cooking with the lid down. This cart style grill offers a lower cabinet, lighted LED knobs, and two side shelves for storage. But yes, it does not convert to natural gas as it has a propane tank.


  • Large grill
  • A special searing zone burner
  • Large porcelain
  • Convenient cabinet
  • Visually appealing
  • Side burner to help prepare side dishes


  • Not explicitly designed for a rotisserie

Royal Gourmet MG6001-R-C

Best Small Natural Gas Grill Under 1000

  • It comes with a grill cover

It is the Best Barbecue Grill under 1000$ because of its performance. The cooking grates are made up of Porcelain cast with slope design and better for keeping meat’s natural flavor. There are two heavy-duty stainless steel lids with cast aluminum end caps, built-in thermometers, and stainless steel handle.

The split-lid, six-burner Mirage is no small grill, weighing in at over 200 pounds with over 963 inches of primary cooking surfaces. It’s an excellent large grill that will need a permanent home in your yard.

With the split lid design, you can cook several different types of food simultaneously with control over each heat zone. This is great for your large family or group of friends. So now enjoy night chilling BBQ parties with the best gas grills under 1000.

Final Views:

Perfect value gas grill! Recommended for a large group, you can cook several different types of food simultaneously with control over each heat zone. Moreover, it comes with a grill cover, so no need to buy it separately.

It has six cabinets. The food turns out awesome in the beast looking gas grill. The Royal Gourmet Mirage’s best feature is the 6 separate burners, which provide over 96,000 BTUs of heat.


  • The quick heating mechanism is the best
  • Easy to assemble
  • It comes with a grill cover
  • It holds a large amount of food


  • The thick doors hit the frame

WEBER 61011001 Genesis II

Best Outdoor Grill Under 1000

  • Efficient grease management system

Another top griller is known for its heavy-duty material and performance. It is the most popular pick in the grilling industry. Under the $1000 price range, this backyard seasoned griller provides you with all fantastic specs and features.

Weber 61011001 Genesis II E-310 is a standout model that provides three stainless steel burners that deliver 37500 BTUs cooking power. Overall primary cooking space is also large. Moreover, this can also be the best natural gas grills under 1000 as it has multiple fuel options.

It also provides stainless steel side shelves to prepare the sauce and or storing tools. The next feature is the porcelain-enameled cooking grates, which leave perfect marks on your food and prevent sticking. You can clean and maintain them easily.

Final Views:

Weber has thought of satisfying its customers. Knobs turn very smooth and allow for a beautiful adjustment of the burners. The grates are also very high-end. The exterior is made of stainless steel and porcelain material.

It offers electronic ignition, grease management system, built-in thermometer accessible knobs and shrouds that retain max heat, and a cook box. You can easily clean and maintain your best outdoor grill under 1000 with multiple fuel options.


  • Multiple fuels
  • Reaches high work temperature
  • Efficient grease management system
  • The stainless steel flavorizer bars
  • Quality material


  • No folded tables for workspace

3 Embers 4 Burners 

Top Grill Under 1000

  • Easy to Assemble & Heats Evenly

3 Embers is a grill with innovative features that make your life more enjoyable. This grill offers many notable features along with quality whistles and bells. It comes up with four ceramic titanium coated burners that produce 12000 BTUs of cooking heat.

You can also cook your favorite foods by using its large cooking surface area and a warming rack that measures as a whole up to 700 sq. inches. Embers also include a side burner, which is generally used for sauces or for cooking other dishes.

Its knobs contain led light, which shows a decent view in dim light conditions. This model also includes grates, which make your grilling experience more precious. Lastly, it contains a three-year limited warranty, which is again a satisfying option to be emphasized.

Final Views:

Overall it is the best gas grills under $1000. It is easy to assemble, made up of stainless steel. A built-in temperature gauge is configured to this model, which helps you note the temperature and set it according to its preference.

Moreover, the insulated lid can allow you to turn this grill into an oven. It is quite spacious and has side trays to put additional items on it.


  • 3 years warranty
  • Heat locking insulation
  • See from the new tab


  • Side Burner may have a minor fault

Weber Spirit E330

Best Gas BBQ Under 1000

  • Easy to clean

Weber Spirit E330 LP grill is another cool model. You can use its sizable cooing surface area of 424 sq inches with a warming rack that ranges 105 sq inches. This warming rack will help you to keep your food hot. Spirit 330 contains stainless steel burners that deliver 32000 BTUs of power.

The best affordable grill under 1000 also have a sear station that gives perfect sear marks without any pressure by producing 7500 BTUs of heat. Side burner is mainly used for making bbq sauces and veggies and provides 12000 BTUs cooking heat.

You can get juicy food because of its cast-iron cooking grates that are porcelain enameled. Weber 330 offers side tables and hooks for ample space. You can keep all the bbq tools and accessories by using these equipped tables and hooks.

Final Views:

You can grill burgers, juicy steaks, whatever you want with this heavy-duty Weber spirit. All upgraded specs and features cover it. Its size is perfect for a backyard bbq party. It also possesses two swivel casters and two lockable castors.

It means you can transport the grill easily from one place to the desired camping place. The most common reason for listing this pick is because it contains a long-lasting and heavy-duty construction. Cleaning and maintaining the grill is also effortless.


  • Easy to clean
  • Good build quality yields
  • Weber’s Warranty is better as compared to other brands
  • Perfect high temp sear burner


  • Assembly needs time

WEBER 62016001 Genesis II

Top Rated Gas Grills Under 1000

  • Burners are controlled separately

We think most people in the world are fond of barbequing, and it’s hard to find a person who does not like grilling. Well Weber 62016001 Genesis II E-435 is built so that you can grill on every occasion for your friends and family. Our team is sure that you will be satisfied while experiencing this top pick by Weber.

It offers a large cooking space area of 646 sq inches along with a tuck-away warming rack that measures up to 19 sq inches. It is ultimately the best gas BBQ grill under 1000. By combining both of the space as a whole, it provides 844 sq inches.

It contains four stainless steel burners that produce 48000 BTUs of heat power. It also possesses a sear station burner (9000 BTU per hour) and an independent side burner (12000 BTU per hour).

Final Views:

An ultimate worthy grill! The grilling area is large, the heat output is amazing, and the construction is sturdy. The sear station adds perfect sear marks to your food, and the side burner is specially designed for making sauces or for sautéing veggies, etc.

Cooking grates are porcelain-enameled, which prevents your food from sticking. The most exciting and technical feature is that you can also monitor the temperature by using its app.


  • Features a warming rack inside the grill
  • Well constructed and sturdy
  • Burners are controlled separately
  • The cabinet under the grill provides you with storage for tools


  • The unit is large and pricey

Weber 61006001 Genesis II S-335

Best Stainless Steel Grills

  • Crafted with high-quality materials

You can enjoy now quality time with your family or friends, and Weber 61006001 Genesis II S-335 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill, Stainless Steel will take care of the rest of the grilling issues.

The construction of the best gas grills under $1000 contains a stainless steel lid that retains heat. Because of its heat distribution, it distributes evenly heat on the cooking surface. For sautéing or making sauces, you can use Weber’s side burner.

The unit offers stainless steel cooking grates, which measures up to 7mm, which will provide great heat. You can also store griller tools and accessories in enclosed storage. All notable features are in one package, so you can enjoy cooking on weber genesis 335.

Final Views:

It’s the perfect pick for camping or any backyard party. You can grill steaks, burgers, fish, and veggies for any occasion. You can get proper sear marks on food by experiencing the sear station.

The whole exterior is silver in color. The most amazing thing is its long-lasting Warranty. Highly recommended, your food would turn out incredible.


  • Compatible and reliable with other Weber products
  • 10-year Warranty
  • Crafted with high-quality materials
  • Comes with a built-in lid thermometer
  • Designed with a high-quality sear burner for cooking


  • Assembly requires a little time
  • Simple design does not have as many features as other options

Broil King 922584 Baron S490

Best Grill To Buy Under 1000

  • Temp controlling mechanism

The Broil King Baron S490 is a liquid propane gas grill with the innovative Flav-R-Wave Stainless Steel cooking system. It is available with four burners of the dual-tube design, which can deliver loads of power and cook evenly. The combined output is 40,000BTU at maximum settings.

It is probably the best grill to buy under 1000 as it is easy to move anywhere, it has more space for your steaks and BBQ. It comes with Folding shelves that let you quickly reduce your grills footprint on a small patio or when in storage. Moreover, Broil King also added the Flav-R-Wave drip management system.

Final Views:

The cast iron grids are fantastic. They are removable in four pieces, and you can clean and maintain them easily. This grill gets very hot within a few minutes. With all the heating zones, it is easy to control the temperature.

It does not cause flare-ups. If you prepare your steaks and hamburgers, they will turn out perfect with excellent flavor. I recommend this unit, but assembling them would be a tough job for a single person.


  • Innovative cooking grids provide fantastic flavor
  • Flav-R-Wave drip management
  • Temp controlling mechanism
  • Easy to move
  • Easy to clean


  • Quite heavy cumbersome

Bull Outdoor Products

Best Portable Propane Gas Grill

  • 810 square inches of cooking area

Are you looking for the best gas grills under $1000? the price varies, it may be more than $1000, but I guarantee they are worth it. Now you can grill food anytime, anywhere, without any worries by using Bull Outdoor Products 26039. Let’s have a peek at its notable features.

This natural gas griller provides cooking heat power of 60000 BTUs, including a large cooking space area with a warming rack. As a total space area by combining warming rack and coins space, it measures up to 810 sq. inches.

You can enjoy proper sears by experiencing bull outdoors. It offers four stainless steel burners. Its exterior is steel construction. It also includes steel grates, piezo ignition valves that distribute the heat evenly all across the surface, and you will love its sleek design.

Final Views:

A vast majority of the customers look satisfied with this well built heavy-duty grill. It is specially designed for outdoor purposes so that you can BBQ with your friends and family.

This grill is a perfect pick if you want to throw a backyard party. Assembling the unit may become a challenging task for you. Otherwise, the material is top-notch, and it heats up within a few seconds.


  • 60,000 BTU’s burner pumps heat capacity
  • Four porcelain-enameled burners distribute heat evenly
  • 810 square inches of cooking area
  • 210 square inches warming rack
  • Stainless steel construction guarantees a longer period


  • Ignition lighters are prone to breaking after continual usage

Quick Shopping Tips For Best Gas Grills Under $1000:

Seems tough to make a decision! Isn’t so? The Best Gas grills under $1000 got a wide variety, and picking up the preferable unit is a tough job. No worries! We provide you with the purchasing guide, and a breakdown of a portion of the items beneath will assist you with settling on your decision. Let’s have a look and appreciate our effort.


Gas grills have been known to be all around built, and they are additionally produced using excellent quality materials. They are made of protected steel or cast iron. They have welded instead of bolts used to hold stuff together. Tight and very much protected firebox assists with dealing with the warmth of your gas grill.

Grilling Grates:

Gas grills, for the most part, hold quality cast iron or steel cooking grates. The thick and hard grills hold the warmth so the food can prepare uniformly. They are tougher and cleaner.

Size Of The Grill:

There are a few interesting points while picking a legitimate gas grill. You are to affirm the area you need to put it in and guarantee it has space for mobility. If you have a small backyard, then prefer to buy a small gas grill.

The Number Of Burners:

The number of burners depends on your usage. Additional lights can likewise be useful; it adds adaptability to the grills. These burners are to accompany start switches that are free and have control handles. These lights ease setting up your cooking zone.


Try to consider the amount you have and the amount you are happy to spend on the best gas grills under $1000. The expense of setting up the gas grill and buying the additional items should be considered.

Concluding Words:

With all of the options on the market, it can be tough to know which grill is best for your needs. The WEBER 61016001 Genesis II E-335 is a great option based on our personal experience. This is a high-quality grill that will last. This gas grill has many features that make it stand out from the competition, such as an infrared side burner and an e-burner. This also comes with a 10-year warranty, making it a wise investment for any backyard chef.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Gas Grill Under 1000 Doesn’t Get Very Hot?

First, you have to ensure that your gas supply is proper or the propane tank is full. Then check out the primary connection. There is a gas leak due to a safety feature located in the gas regulator that detects gas leaks. The regulator safety feature drops the gas pressure to 10% resulting in lower frame size. If still there is an issue, then reset the pressure regulator. I am sure you will not face a problem like this with the best gas grills under $1000.

What type of Gas Should I Use With The top grills under 1000?

Gas grills are fueled by either propane or natural gas. Natural gas grills are connected to the home’s gas line, which is quite expensive but long-lasting. More common are propane grills, which use tanks of liquid propane to fuel the burners. I hope this article will be much helpful for you. Share your concerns with us in the comment section below.

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