Comparison Between Weber Q1200 VS Q2200:

Hopefully, this attempt to bring out the similarities and differences of weber Q1200 VS Q2200, by making a comparison between the two, will help you make a better choice.

BrandWeber Q1200Weber Q2200
MaterialStainless Steel Burners Stainless Steel Burners
Electronic Ignition StartingYesYes
Cooking Area189 sq.inches280 sq.inches
Weight29.34 Pounds42.5 Pounds
Removeable PanNoYes
Folding Side TablesYesYes
Satisfaction %94%92%
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Weber 51060001 Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill - Titanium

The q 1200 grill comes with potent burners and a strong shroud. The Weber gas grill cook boxes are durable and efficient. These grills come with easy maintenance and can withstand high temperatures. The q 1200 grill is titanium in color and comes with an easy assembly.

The grill burners are robust and of stainless steel, which gives an evenly heated cooking surface. Here we also get the perfect heat level required for cooking by toning the precision controls. And all this is made possible by Weber, who spends a lot of time making these grills perfect.

The users are delighted to find how simple it is to achieve tasty meals using these gas grills. After making a thorough comparison of weber q 1200 vs q 2200, we find that both of them have their plus points.

Product's Final View:

The excellent customer review of 4.8 out of 5 stars reflects this product's excellent performance and durability. This cast- aluminum grill comes with a large grilling space and with potent gas burners. Due to these multiple qualities, the grill has made its way in the Best Sellers Rank and has ranked #1 in Natural Gas Grills.

The grill comes with a sturdy body that opens smoothly on its hinges. The Weber q 1200 grill comes with easy assembly and maintenance. There are three different burners present in the grill, the sear burner, the side burner, and the smokey flavor burner. These burners are there to cook the food in three different ways.

  • The burners are made of high-grade stainless steel
  • The one-piece tubes are strong and rust-free
  • The burners distribute the heat evenly
  • All kinds of food are cooked with great perfection
  • It is quite innovative and has entirely revolutionized out-door grilling
  • Has control settings to fine-tune the heat-levels
  • The grill is very user-friendly and comes fully assembled
  • Comes with a grill cover to extend the life and quality of the grill
  • Takes time to reach the desired temperature
  • Combustion byproducts produced contain chemicals known to cause cancer and congenital disabilities

Weber 54060001 Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill

A product of Weber, this item weighs 42.5 pounds and comes in the dimensions of 25.1 (L), 51.4 (W), and 26 inches (H). While comparing these two grills, weber q2200 vs q 1200, we see that this grill (2200) is made of aluminum and comes in a grey color.

The cooking grates of this grill are porcelain-enameled and made of cast- iron. It comes with electronic ignition and has an infinite control burner valve. The grill is accompanied by a catch pan, which can be removed easily for cleaning. The grill has folding side tables, which can be used for putting the side dishes or other accessories.

Product's Final View:

With some added features and functions, the Weber 220 is now Weber Q 2200. Except for the addition of larger control knobs and handles and larger sized, sturdy side tables, the grill has the same excellent performance. The Weber q 2200 runs on disposable LP cylinders, which are not included in the package. The seamless, stainless steel burners are durable and give long-lasting performance.

Due to its multiple qualities, the grill is listed in the Best Sellers Rank and has an excellent customer review of 4.8 out of 5 stars. The grill is compact and comes with a larger grilling area. It takes less time to come to the required temperature. This grill heats up quickly, distributing the heat evenly. This helps the food cook at the same rate and the food can retain its flavor.

The quality of our food is greatly affected by the cooking grates in our grill. In weber q 2200, the food's flavor is further enhanced as the cooking grates are of cast-iron. Another benefit of these grates is that they prevent the food from sticking or tearing. They help in distributing the heat evenly, and this helps in retaining the flavor of the food.

Another thing to be considered while talking about these grills is the amount of space needed for cooking.

  • The stainless steel burners are seamless
  • The lid and body are made of cast-aluminum
  • They are light-weight and durable
  • It has a larger grip handle and control knobs
  • The built-in thermometer helps to monitor the temperature inside the grill
  • The tall lid helps in the grilling of smaller quantities
  • Comes with an easy installation
  • Has an efficient customer service that ensures you have a smooth grilling experience
  • The chemicals produced from the combustion, when using this product, cause cancer and other reproductive harm
  • The LP cylinders are not included
  • Due to the large grilling area, more gas is used to heat it