• Natural Gas Grill
  • Electric Grill
  • Gas Grill
  • Portable Grill
  • Smoke Grill
  • Charcoal Grill

Natural Gas Grills

The top grill on our list is a natural gas grill, which we can say is environment-friendly compared to other grills that contain propane tanks. Although they are quite different, the primary factor that differentiates them from each other is the fuel source. It cooks your food in the same way that other grills do, but instead of connecting to propane tanks, it is connected with gas coming into your home.

There are many advantages to buying a natural grill. It is cheaper and portable as compared to other grills on the list. We can clean and maintain it with ease without any issue. It comes at an affordable price rate and is incredibly convenient to meet your requirements. However, it does not give a juicy, smoky flavor but still provides you with a clean and smokeless grilling experience.

  • Highly easy to use and maintain
  • No soot
  • No ash residue
  • Cheaper rates
  • Rapid service
  • Environment friendly
  • Lacks in giving smoky flavor to your food.


The next grill on our list is the electric grill. The fire is not required in the case of an electric grill. There are various types of electrical grills for indoor and outdoor all depending on your needs all you have to do is connect it to the power source. The grill plates will be heated in no time and generate intense radiant heat. Most of the electric grills possess an option of the pre-heating system, and when the temperature rises to its desired level, it is immediately switched off automatically. Same with the whenever the temperature drops, the grill re-energizes the coils again.

Electric grills are not that much famous as charcoal grills. The reason is that it doesn't give that juicy flavor. But an electric grill provides a highly roasted texture. These grillers occupy compact space and are slightly difficult to maintain because you cannot directly wash or submerge it in water. It would be perfect if you had a damped cloth to remove the stains and clean the whole grill.

  • They are available at quite affordable rates
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • No ash residues
  • Electric grill gives perfect texture, but the smoky flavor is lost

Gas Grills

The third grill on our list is a gas grill, different from the natural gas grill and other grills. Usually, grills utilize a butane or propane tank, which leaves you with dirt and a smoky environment. The gas grills are way much different from them because they are versatile. The gas grill does not produce smoke, and its environment is friendly and easy to maintain and clean. You can cook your food over direct heat or by experiencing a gas smoke grill.

Gas grills come in various sizes, and the most standardized size that most people go for is 32 inches (6burners). Most restaurants prefer to buy a gas grill because it can cook faster and handle hundreds of people's food in one go. But it lacks in giving an aroma of smoke during grilling.

  • Rapid grilling power
  • Can handle parties and large occasions in the meantime
  • Easy to clean
  • Expensive in rates
  • Does not provide a smoky aroma


The fourth grill on our list is portable. The most significant point to note is it is compact, and you can easily transport the grill from one place to another. They are perfect for camping and are easy to assemble. The portable grills are lightweight with sturdy construction.

These grills have often cast aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, or enameled steel construction. You have main features in such portable grills like a cooking space area and a heat source. There are several types of heat sources. It depends on you what you are willing to use. Portable grills can be fueled by the lump, propane, and briquette charcoal. All of them have their pros (advantages) and cons (disadvantages).

  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Available at an affordable rate
  • Perfect and ideal for pool parties and camping
  • Easy to transport
  • Compact size
  • Supports 4 to 5 members in one go

Smoke Grills

The fifth grill on our list is the smoke grill. Well, the name tells us that the outcome of grilling food from the smoke grill would give a tender, juicy, and smoky flavor. It's a bit different from others because it cooks food with indirect heat and at low temperatures and takes more time. Your meat does not turn dry at low temperature; it gives a healthy texture and smoky, mouthwatering flavor. You can use any fuel option that fits you best.

Because of its slow cooking, the smoke grill consumes more fuel. So we suggest you guys when buying such a grill go for the option that consumes less fuel. The construction is usually made of cast iron so that they last for seasons. Cleaning is problematic because it leaves ashes at the end, but still, the flavor is worthy.

  • The outcome is incredibly juicy and tender
  • Gives smoky aroma to food
  • Expensive rates
  • Takes more extended periods for grilling

Charcoal Grills

The sixth and last grill on our list is the charcoal grill. It's the most famous and demanding grill in the market. Because of the real smoke aroma in food, it's the preferable grill among the customers. Charcoal grills utilize charcoal briquettes and natural lump as a power source. It also takes a long period for cooking, but the result is flawless.

The grill on igniting produces embers that give the food a genuine smoky aroma. The controlled temperature is another reason for giving such a juicy texture. Charcoal grills come in various shapes and sizes (square, round, rectangular). Some of them contain a lid and venting system, while others do not possess such features.

  • Genuine smoky aroma
  • High temperature
  • Problematic in cleaning
  • Takes a long period during grilling