Nowadays, the market is full of gas grills with several features and the latest technologies. There are many types, sizes, and configured features. But the problem is how to choose a gas grill that fits you with the ideal situation. Many people get swayed by the lower prices or the gas grill’s vast size and look. Well, gas grills give the perfect flavor to your food. We understand that you become confused while choosing a gas grill so here you should make a start. 

Many questions will hit your mind about how many burners you need, including the cooking space area and extra features. In this article, we will teach you how you can easily buy a gas grill by learning the below pinpoints. These points will surely help you to find a perfect gas grill for grilling.  

  • What should be the size of a grill? 
  • The number of burners in a gas grill?
  • Does the gas grill possess side burners?
  • How much BTUs heat do you need for cooking?
  • What fuel source should be utilized? PROPANE OR NATURAL GAS
  • How much storage space does the gas grill possess?
  • What is the price range?
  • Does the gas grill contain infrared technology?


You are coming at the size of a grill. There are many sizes and shapes of gas grills in the market. Small and large grills are available. It usually depends upon how many servings you are going to serve people. Larger gatherings need a large gas grill, and a small group needs a small gas grill. We use the term cooking space area.

This feature matters a lot. A cooking space area includes a warming rack and grate. The grill’s famous average size is about 32 inches, including the total cooking space area (primary area and side burners). Cooking space area is given in square inches whose range varies from one to another gas grill. You will find some gas grills with 600 sq. inches while others range to 800 sq. inches. This means you can cook a large number of groups.  


Before buying a gas grill with several burners, you have first to analyze the space where you have to fix that griller. If you have a compact space, then go for a small gas grill with two burners. And if you have a substantial outdoor space, you can pick a giant gas grill with four or more burners.

The next reason that you must consider for how many people you had to cook. If you are feeding 4 to 5 people, then you can buy a three-burner grill. But if you want to feed a big gathering, you have to buy a 4+ burner beast grill. Make sure that you can control that burner and avoid the burn of food.     


Side burners are the extra option found in the gas grill. It’s your decision whether you want a side burner or not. Well, it is quite a handy feature in a gas grill.

Side burners are usually used to make sauces, saute veggies, or cook side dishes to serve your main course. Some of the grillers possess single-side burners, while others have two-side burners containing a lid.    


Having a perfect heat level from the burner can be achieved only by buying a gas grill with a specific range of BTUs. BTU stands for British thermal unit, which is the essential feature for your grilling.

The grill should produce at least 100 BTUs heat power per sq. inches. Mostly the gas grills offer 10000 to 50000 BTUs to find the independent rating. Divide these BTUs by the size of the grill, and you’ll get the ratings.  


Fuel sources are usually of two types 1) Propane Tanks 2) Natural Gas.

Both sources are readily available in the market. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. We as a team recommend you guys that you should go for a propane tank. 

The propane tank does not take much time to set and remove. It can be easily removed when it requires not only this. It can be refilled again and again whenever you need it. All the marts, grocery centers, hardware stores keep these tanks. Propane is the least expensive as compared to natural gas.

Natural gas is also an option to utilize. But it would help if you had a professional that will set your gas line to the gas grill. It will be expensive. Well, don’t use propane with such grills to avoid explosions. 


Gas grills range from low to high prices. Some people can’t afford such expensive things, but some people love to have expensive grills with every latest technology (gas grill).

According to our research, the minimum and maximum price range about $200 to $2000 and above, which entirely depends on you guys according to your earnings. Many people fall for the mediocre price range of $500. All you need to think about is the features you want to have in a gas grill at an affordable price rate.


Every single person desires to have a configured storage feature in a gas grill. Suppose you have to save your earnings and do not want to create a storage space setup other than gas grill storage.

Select a gas grill that contains enough hooks, side tables, or a cabinet that hides the propane tank. These extra options will help you to store your utensils and accessories related to grilling.   


Suppose you love to have sear marks with juicy flavor in your food. Then we suggest you guys look for an infrared burner technology gas grill.

This latest technology lets your food give that juicy texture with perfect sear marks on the food and does not let your food dry from inside.