The Coleman RoadTrip grill is an innovative traveling companion or the outdoor entertaining enthusiast, perfect for camping trips or tailgating before a game. The grill offers all the cooking solidities of a traditional gas grill.

Not only does the Coleman Roadtrip Grill have a nice vintage look to it, but it’s also designed with convenience in mind. It has an attached lid that locks into place with the press of a button, making storage even easier. The hinged legs keep them out of your way while cooking and folding down for easy transport.

The Coleman Roadtrip Grill features cast aluminum plates for even heating and durability, can cook up to eight hamburgers at once, has a built-in lid holder keeping the lid propped open while you’re cooking, an attachment that lets you store propane tanks right under the grill (a hose is sold separately), and it’s sturdy enough that you can actually cook on it with no worries of it falling over.

The grill is designed to fit inside the back seat of an SUV, so you can bring your Coleman Roadtrip Grill with you during your travels for easy outdoor dining at any campsite, picnic area or even just in your backyard!

It sure beats being limited to store-bought grilling!

Features of Coleman Roadtrip Grill Accessory:

1. It is a portable grill.

2. The cooking grid allows the fat to drip away from food being cooked making it taste better and healthier.

3. The lid have a venting system which allow smoke, heat and moisture to escape.

4. It’s windscreen prevents flare-ups and keeps rain out of the food while grilling.

5. The carry bag makes transportation, food preparation and storage easier than ever.

6. It has adjustable legs that convert into feet making it ideal for use on uneven surfaces like concrete or dirt.

7. The grease pan removes fat away from grill surface to prevent flare-ups and keep the grill looking new longer than you would with a standard grill.

8. The heat shield is a folding drip tray with lip to prevent grease from falling into the fire chamber, making for easy clean-up and storage of grease.  The heat shield can also be used with charcoal grills if desired.  Just open the lower vent on the barrel-shaped lid to allow air in.

9. The folding legs are adjustable in height from 10 inches to 17 inches in 1 inch increments, making it perfect for grilling right on the deck when you want to enjoy a meal with your family and friends during the warm summer evenings.

10. The cooking surface measures 11 x 16 inches allowing about 12-15 hamburgers at a time.

11.     It is compact and lightweight (9 pounds) and can be taken anywhere you go without sacrificing on your desire for freshly grilled food, even when you’re camping or tailgating at sporting events or enjoying a day at the beach.

12.  The grill lid has an integrated thermometer to monitor the grilling temperature.

13.  The cooking grate is made of stainless steel which makes it durable, easy to clean and prevents rusting over time.

Benefits of This Product:

1. You can grill any food you like, including red meat and fish under the same lid and at once.

2.  You can adjust to suit your needs and preferences and convert it into a charcoal grill or a highly portable compact grill depending on what you need at that moment in time.

3.  Since the grease drips away from the food being grilled it makes the food healthier.

4.  The ease with which you can clean it after use.

5.  It is cheap compared to other grills in its range and has more features than many of them do.

6.  Since you can take them anywhere, it gives you the freedom to grill your food wherever and whenever you want, whether camping or at a sports event or at home on your patio or deck.  Since they are easy to carry, lightweight and compact they don’t give an  excuse not to take them with you, wherever you go.

Drawbacks to this Product:

1. It can be a little difficult to clean after each use, especially if burnt on food particles remain stuck to the cooking grate.  However a few passes with a wire brush and some soapy water usually does the trick.

2. It’s not as portable as it could have been without compromising its usability because of its increased weight (about 10 pounds) and slightly larger size (12 x 16 inches).  It could be the perfect grill accessory if it was made to fold down into a more compact form or reduced in weight.

3. It’s expensive; about $100 for this product, although it does provide ample value because of its durability which makes it last longer than other grills.  If you are willing to spend more for a high-quality grill accessory, then this product is most definitely the one for you.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use it:  

1. Carefully read the instruction manual or watch a video on how to use this product for best results.  Make sure you have all the necessary tools at hand before attempting to assemble it, because it does require a few minutes of your time and patience depending on how familiar you are with assembling things.

2. Open the box carefully, following the instructions on how to do so, and take out the product being careful not to damage it.  Lay everything out neatly in front of you before attempting anything further.

3. Inspect all parts of the grill accessory for any missing, damaged or incorrect items according to your instruction manual.

4. Look inside the package for any additional tools or parts required in assembling this grill accessory.  If there are any screws, they will be packaged in their own individual compartments in the box.

5. When all parts have been collected and laid out in front of you, it’s time to begin assembling them together by following the instructions on where each screw should go depending on their color.

6. When assembling, make sure to read the instructions very carefully and slowly go over all steps a few times before proceeding.  It might be a good idea to have someone help you in doing so or watch a video of how to assemble this grill accessory on YouTube if you are having trouble with it.

7. In the end, if all the screws are in place and your grill accessory is put together correctly according to instructions, you can now open up your Coleman Roadtrip Grill Accessory and try it out.


To inform potential customers on the major advantages of this product over traditional grills and provide a detailed guide on how to use it.  It also discusses the shortcomings of this product in case there are any issues with it that you don’t want to risk facing yourself.