What is a Dual Fuel Cooker? A Complete Guide

Homeowners consider their appliances as their investments. And one of the essential types of equipment you should have at home is those meant for cooking.          

If you are one of those people who love to spend time in the kitchen because you feel satisfied whenever people enjoy what you have cooked for them, then you can consider having your own dual fuel range.

So what is a dual fuel cooker anyways and why you should have it in your kitchen?

What is a Dual Fuel Cooker? The Basics

Let’s discuss the basics of what is a dual fuel cooker? A dual fuel cooker is a cooking appliance that makes use of gas fuel and electricity. They are usually available in various designs, and you can decide whether you want to have the traditional one or modern designs.

You can guarantee functionality for both worlds because you can control the heat coming from the hobs when you fry or boil something while experiencing the consistency of temperature in its oven. Yet, they say that using gas is more efficient than electricity.

If ever that you still have no dual fuel range at home, you can consider the following guidelines when making a purchase either online or in the real world.

How Dual Fuel Cookers Work?

Everything started out with gas if we are going to talk about modern cooking tools. These tools are what make everything in cooking a lot easier. You wouldn’t have to create fire, and you would not have to chop up wood or heat up coal. The modern kitchen is now dominated by gas ranges. Several years passed and people started using electricity as fuel.

 This can also be considered an innovation since this method will save a lot of space and gas. People will not have to buy gas tanks; they just have to pay electric bills. The only downside is that they will never be able to use it during power outages. The good news is that there are dual fuel cookers that use both.

The Electric Part:

Fuel cookers use both electricity and gas to heat up their food. The electric part works in the same way as all the other electric appliances work.

  • The electricity is being taken for any power plug in the kitchen. Some of these are directly installed in the electric circuit.
  • The electricity is then being drawn into several fuses that will cut the electricity off in case of an emergency.
  • After that, it will go to the control panel in which the electric flow will be controlled. The controlled electricity is then directed to the heating element found inside the cooker or the oven, some even have grills.
  • The heat is being measured by a separate thermostat.
  • Once the desired temperature is reached, the thermostat will lower the electric charge delivered to the heating element, and thus the heat will go down.

The Gas Part:

The gas will always come from the tank, which is located anywhere near the kitchen appliance. Some gas tanks have their own pressure control system that regulates the gas flow. This is actually being recommended by authorities.

  • This part is usually powering up the stove part of the kitchen appliance, but some models use the gas part even in the oven or the grill.
  • This is made possible by the sparker that is found in the appliance. This sparker burns the gas that is gradually being released from the pipes.
  • The control panel is also being controlled if not the thermostat, in dual fuel cookers that use both gas and electricity for the oven.
  • Two different thermostats are being used. This is to make sure that every calculation is accurate.

Some Tips To Follow Before using Your Cookers:

After discussing the basics and what is a dual fuel cooker here are some tips to ensure the best results.

Even before you get started using your dual fuel cookers, there could be several things you have to check and do. This could help you be assured that your cooker is ready to help you in the possible recipe and food you are preparing. Some of those things may include the following below:

  • Check and try if it is working especially if you haven’t used it for a long time.
  • Set the heating option to a minimum, see the lights inside it, and know if it is working fine.
  • Prepare the foods and ingredients that you will use and avoid having a mess in your dual fuel cookers while cooking it.
  • Put it in a safe container and use different kinds of covers and foils to prevent leakages that commonly cause burns and corroded areas in your cooker.
  • It will be ideal if you will read and check back the manual, especially if this is your first time using it.

Some Tips To Follow After Using Your Cookers

On the other hand, after using the cookers you have, there are also some things you have to do for this. Some of those things may include the following items below:

  • Purchase and buy some safe cleaning materials that you can use to clean the insides of your fuel cookers.
  • Don’t put your hands inside it as soon as you finish cooking as that could burn your body out and cause problems to you.

Summing Up:

Most of the dual-fuel cookers out there are durable and perfect for most of the homeowners, but there are times that they can easily be damaged and broken especially if they are not taken care of properly.

That is one of the most common reasons why most of the house’s kitchen devices would be damaged, and you would not want to experience that. So, take care of these factors, and we hope that your query of what is a dual fuel cooker has solved. Happy cooking.

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