Our Recommendation for Best Gas Grills Under 400

9 Best Gas Grills Under 400 Dollars:

Blackstone 1554 - Best Mid Size Gas Grill Under 400

Blackstone 1554 Station is ideal for both beginners as well as for experts. Beast grillers are Easy to assemble. Having a peek at its features, which include heavy-duty caster wheels that help during maneuverability.

Its whole body is built with black powdered coated steel. It comes up with a large cooking surface area of 720 sq inches. Blackstone 1554 Station contains four independent burners, each of which provides various temperature-controlled options.

So you don't have to panic because by using this beast griller, you can feed large gatherings. Each of the burners produces impressively 15000 BTUs of heat power. Blackstone also offers twin side shelves, which are specifically for storage or preps.

Final Views:

This Blackstone model is so convenient for one who wants to grill in the morning, evening, and night. Its casters enable one to move it quickly. The item is easy to assemble. Its griddle top is made of cold-rolled steel, which gives sparkle, and you can clean it easily.

However, you have to clean it frequently because it is susceptible to rust. The product is worth buying and is the best propane grills under 400 if you carefully read the customer reviews. Some users face minor problems, but overall performance is good.

  • Pre-seasoned
  • Our controllable heating zones
  • Easy transport with wheels
  • Longevity and durability
  • 720sq inches cooking surface area
  • It can grill a variety of food at a time
  • Hide tank holder
  • It weighs 120 pounds, which is quite heavy
  • No grease management system
  • Poor drainage
  • You have to clean it frequently

WEBER 51010001 Q1200 - Best Propane Grill Under 400 Dollars

It is a compact grill by Weber but is a solid performer. With all quality and performance, it gives an exceptional experience. It has all the qualities of an entirely larger grill and can be full of many dishes at a time. This portable grill is perfect for tailgating, pool parties, camping, and picnics.

This item is one of the best gas grills under 400, and they are versatile models in the market. Its price is reliable because it has all the latest features which a chef looks for. It provides the right cooking space area of 189 sq inches. It has a removable dripping pan, and you can clean it easily.

You can carry the grill anywhere because of its ergonomic design. Larger grips of the griller help you to take it easy. Lastly, Weber Q1200 offers two additional side tables that are usually used as a counter where you prepare your finished foods.

Final Views:

The item is durable and has a sturdy construction. It is made up of cast aluminum, with a unique appearance, and the cover provides excellent heat circulation, allowing food to be cooked evenly. The griller possesses a single stainless steel independent burner with a heat power of 8500 BTUs.

It comes entirely assembled and is available in a variety of colors with several accessories. You can additionally buy a two-wheel cart for portability and a liquid propane adapter hose for 20-pound tanks. The heating mechanism is entirely up to the mark. Go and get this best gas bbq grills under 400 now!

  • Electronic ignition
  • Robust startup
  • The tables are convenient
  • Liquid propane cylinders are disposable
  • Built-in temperature gauge
  • Heavy as compare to other models
  • It is much pricier than its contenders

Weber 46110001 E-210 - Best Affordable Grills Under 400

Well, weber is much popular among the grilling industry for the best gas grills under 400. It has a long and exceptional background because it launches many models with the latest technologies. Weber is 4 inches wider and is ideal for small spaces, small decks, and balconies.

It weighs about 11.38 pounds. Its heavy-duty lockable wheels make it easy in transportations, whether on grass or dirt or bare ground. The grates of this Gas Grill are porcelain coated and distribute equal heat all over the surface.

You can control the temperature of the grill with front panel help. By adjusting the heat level, you will not face flare-ups. The dripping pan is easily accessible and located beneath the cook box.

Final Views:

Go and get this item! The most promising thing is that it ensures a ten years manufacturer's warranty. Its cart style design offers easy access to the tank with an extra side table used as a storage unit. It is the best outdoor grill under 400, and it is designed to prevent dangerous flare-ups. The drip pan is located directly beneath the cook box.

The Spirit II E-210 also possesses additional features like robust ignition, twin burners, and a durable grease management system with a bar.

  • Temperature control management system through the front panel
  • 450 sq inches of cooking area
  • Well built, solid & moveable
  • Less heat power 26,500 BTUs
  • Requires much time while preheating

CHAR-BROIL 463375919 - Best BBQ Grills Under 400

Another renowned name in the grilling industry delivers cabinet-style liquid propane gas grill by char broil. This model is perfect for large gatherings and weekend parties. It includes four independent burners and a side burner. It's cabinet possesses two steel doors that conceal the propane tank.

Well, you can easily access the tank by the back panel. With its four locking swivel casters, it can be transported easily anywhere, anytime. It comes in the category of best built-in grills under 400. Charbroil provides a large enough cooking station that measures up to 425 sq inches.

With its shiny look and durable nature, it is easy to clean. The porcelain-coated rust-resistant grates enable you to enjoy grilling because it prevents your food from sticking

Final Views:

Highly recommended! Can you get a better product than this? Char-Broil 463375919 Performance Stainless Steel comes up with a built-in thermometer that gives the exact temperature readings, removable dripping pan.

It also offers shelves that you can utilize while stacking dishes or making topping on finished food and lastly for storing tools and accessories. It is sturdy, well built, spacious, and easy to clean. You just have to assemble yourself when it comes.

  • Good cooking surface
  • Portable folding grill with built-in handle for easy transport and storage
  • Adjustable horseshoe burner for precise temperature control and even heating
  • Perfect Flow technology
  • Quick push startup electric ignition
  • Hard to assemble
  • Limited warranty: 5 years on the burners

DYNA-GLO DGB390SNP-D- Gas Grills Under 400

Dyna-Glo DGB390SNP-D Smart Space is the best grill to buy under 400. The gas grill provides efficiency, durability, and style. All three things make it perfect for grilling in the backyard. Its single enclosed frame design door hides the propane tank so neatly, and it is easily accessible when you need it.

Its cast-iron grates distribute the heat evenly all over the surface so that you can enjoy the juicy food. It weighs only 74 pounds. It comes in a compact design but shows superior cooking performance. It offers massive space. Not only this, but it also provides a primary cooking space of approximately 117 sq inches.

All three independent burners produce 36000 BTUs of heat power collectively. Extra features possess the side tables, which are flexible and can be easily folded whenever you want to fit the grill in a small place.

Final Views:

If we talk about the Best Gas Grills Under 400, you can consider this item. The burners are made of stainless steel. Its features include a built-in temperature gauge that provides flexibility, a towel rack, and hooks situated at the side.

The most exciting features include side shelves that are specially designed for storage. But customer's complaints about the grates quickly get rusty.

  • Electronic ignition button
  • Towel bars
  • Tool hooks offer storage
  • Built-in tank seat
  • Basic griller features
  • 1 Year warranty

CHAR-BROIL Classic 360 - 3 Burner Propane BBQ Under 400

Every model of char broil delivers excellent performance and quality design features at a modest price rate. Well, we have chosen a model from a quickset lineup by char broil, which is named as Char-Broil Classic 360. The multiple burners of this classic model deliver a combined heat power of 30000 BTUs.

The side burner also has 8000 BTUs of heat, which are usually used for making toppings. The grilled possess two wheels for easy mobility—all you had to tilt and push the griller. A slotted crossbar offers space to hang grill accessories, and three porcelain-coated heat tents help reduce the risk of flare-ups

Final Views:

One of the top grills under 400, which is light in weight and portable with easy assembling. You can see by looking at the griller's size that this grill by char broil is ideal for a more extensive group of people. In short, you can use this grill for occasions and family gatherings. Its body is porcelain coated, which means you can easily clean it.

The open back panel allows you easy access to the tank. The slotted crossbar also offers space to hang grill accessories, and three porcelain-coated heat tents help reduce the risk of flare-ups. Get this gas grill and make your food worthy

  • It is not heavy
  • Well built and powerful
  • Affordable rate
  • Comes already assembled
  • Easy to clean
  • Low-quality grates
  • No built-in thermometer
  • No side burner cover

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill - Best Barbecue Grills Under 400

Its taste resembles restaurant-style juicy food. That's the main reason why we suggest you guys experience Camp Chef Flat Top Grill.

You can enjoy much succulent food like chicken, beef, steaks, burgers, etc., by grilling on this flat top grill. You can grill your fav food on this large griddle cooking space of 604 sq inches. Moreover, there is also a grilling area that measures up to 501 sq inches. Camp chef offers a grease management system that means it is easy to clean. The grill has matchless ignition with four stainless steel burners that produce 12000 BTUs per hour.

Final Views:

One of the reliable performer grills that involves some additional features like two foldable side tables. In case you want to adjust the grill in a compact size, just unfold the side shelves and fix it in that space.

Two wheels are available that confirm portability. It is the best griddle, finely constructed, gets hot, and cooks amazingly. Moreover, it is easy to clean and maintain. I recommend this standard quality BBQ.

  • Flat top grill
  • Griddle surface
  • Two large folding shelves for extra room
  • Roller wheelers are attached for transportation
  • Four stainless steel burners
  • Heavy-duty wheels for transportation
  • Additional side shelves
  • Robust ignition system
  • Less warranty.

Royal Gourmet GB8000 - Best Outdoor Grill Under 400

Royal Gourmet GB8000 is a versatile gas grill and is perfect for large gatherings. This portable liquid propane event gas grill features 294 sq inches in one-time grilling and a flat griddle area. Moreover, it comes up with 584 sq inches of cooking surface area in total.

All of its independent stainless burners of the grill deliver 12000 BTUs heat power, which means total heat produced by the burner ranges as 48000 BTUs. The grease cup is also connected with a grill, which can be removed after cooking food. It is so easy to clean. It also offers twin metal side shelves, a built-in bottle opener, hooks to store tools and accessories.

Final Views:

Another best gas grills under $400 are at your service, which is adequately reviewed for your assistance. The unit has sufficient space to cook a lot of food for a group of people.

Since it's a gas grill, I suggest you keep an eye on your food because it cooks so fast, but the result was well worth it. Last but not least, this grill is portable enough due to its caster wheels. It turned out fabulous! Cooking on this grill was fun and easy.

  • Total of 104,000 BTUs heat power
  • Electronic ignition systems
  • 950 sq inches of cooking surface
  • Grease management system
  • Side shelves for prep
  • Lockable casters for mobility
  • lacks windscreen features
  • Need large storage even if it comprises side tables

Char-Broil 463375919 - Best Gas Grill Review Under 400 Dollars

It's another impressive design by char broil, i.e., the best gas grills under 400. Char-Broil 463375919 Performance Stainless Steel gas grill is popular in the market because of its cabinet style. Its system includes 4 independent stainless steel burners that deliver 36000 BTUs of energy as a whole.

Charbroil performances gas grill also contain a side burner used explicitly to prepare side dishes other than grilling and give 10000 BTUs heat to the food.

Additional features include a warming rack, which measures about 150 sq inches, possesses a robust electronic ignition, side shelves to keep tools, a lid-mounted built-in thermometer, and hides the propane tank in the cabinet.

Final Views:

The best gas BBQ grills under 400 are here, which has Rust-resistant porcelain-enameled cooking grates, preventing food from getting stuck to the cooking surface, and stainless steel heat tents provide an added layer of protection for the burners.

You can also check the additional features mentioned above before purchasing. It provides heat all over the cooking space area of 425 sq inches.

  • Solid and sturdy construction
  • Porcelain-coated grates
  • Dripping pans
  • Side burner
  • Side shelves
  • Its base is not enclosed
  • Heap power 9000 BTUs